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Configure Standard Notifications

To receive notifications, confirm the settings below have been enabled by the administrator and end user. 

Admin settings 

Go to Setup

Search for Email Settings or go to Build > Customize > Chatter > Email Settings


Check box Allow Emails 


Go to Propel Setup page > Admin Settings

Click Enable for Product Launch Activity Reminders


End user settings 

Each end user must enable the following settings to receive notifications.

Go to My Settings


Go to Chatter section and click Email Notifications

In General section check Receive Emails

In Personal section check Mentions me in Post and set frequency to Daily

Click Save


Notifications for Activities

Assignees receive a chatter post and email notification when an activity has been assigned to them. When a reminder is set, the assignee receives an email specified by the date in the Simple Reminder field. 

Chatter post


Email notification


Note: When a user creates an activity and assigns it to herself/himself a notification will NOT be received.

Notifications to Followers on a Change Order

Followers receive a chatter post in their feed and an email notification when any of the following fields change - status, title, and description. You can also set phases to "Notify followers" upon entry of a phase in phase details to create notifications. 

Chatter post


Email Notification


Note: Frequency of email is determined by user settings.

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