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Adding Custom Fields to Reports

This article will explain in detail how to add a custom field to a Report. This outlined process assumes the custom field has already been created on the desired Object, if you would like to learn how to create the custom field first, please see the following articles: Add Custom Fields to an Item, or Add Custom Fields to Change or Quality.

After creating the custom field, the process of adding this field a report can be broken down into a couple of steps:

A. Add the field to at least two Permission Sets
B. Clone Report Type if needed
C. Add the field to the Report Type Layout


A. Add the field to at least two Permission Sets

To add custom fields to a permission set, please follow the instructions listed out in this article: Add Custom Fields to Permission Sets.


B. Clone Report Type if needed

If you are utilizing a Propel managed Report Type, then in order to make any changes to the fields you will need create a clone of the desired Report Type.

First, in Setup type Report Type in the Quick Find search bar and select Report Types from the sidebar nav. Then find the desired Report Type and select it. 

Select the Clone button.



Delete the Report Type Name and modify the Report Type Label to something new, such as adding the word Custom at the very front. Select the tab key and the Report Type Name should populate automatically. Then select Save.



C. Add the field to the Report Type Layout

Find the appropriate Report Type, such as Item Revisions with Mfr Item, and select that Report Type. Then select Edit Layout in the Fields Available for Reports section.



In Field Layout Properties, drag and drop desired fields from box on right into the section on the left.


Click Save

If a field you wish to include is not visible under one of the selected objects, you may be able to add it via lookup.

  • Select respective object from View drop down field on right side of page
  • Click Add fields related via lookup » link directly below View drop down field
  • Select appropriate link and subsequent fields
  • Repeat as needed per object

Now the new custom field should be available to add as a column on the report. Be sure to create a new report and select the Report Type you just modified.

Note: To create or update Custom Report Types, you must have the "Manage Custom Report Types" User Permission.

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