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Propel Spring '19 (3.8.1)

To create a new user in Propel you must follow these general steps:

A. Create a Salesforce user account.

B. Add Permission Sets to the user account.

C. Assign a Propel license to the user account.

D. Add the user to appropriate Public Groups.

E. Log in as the user and choose the Propel application.


A. Create a Salesforce User Account

1. Go to Setup

2. Search for Users or go to Administration > Users > Users

3. Click New User

4. Enter User Information with User License type Salesforce or Salesforce Platform



5. Check box to Generate new password and notify user immediately

6. Click Save


B. Add Permission Sets to the User Account

1. Look for the Permission Sets link at the top-left of the user account. Click on the link

2. Click Edit Assignments

3. Make the appropriate assignments and then click Save. Use the guidelines below to help make assignments

Permission Set Guidelines:

  • Administrators should have the permission set Propel Administrator, Propel Import Data, Propel Full Use and Propel Full Use - Custom Fields
  • Full Use licenses should have the permission set  Propel Full Use  and  Propel Full Use - Custom Fields
  • Read Only licenses should have the permission set Propel Everyone (Read Only) and Propel Everyone (Read Only) - Custom Fields


C. Assign a Propel License to the User Account

1. Search for Installed Packages or go to Build > Installed Packages

2. Click Manage Licenses for PropelPLM


3. Click Add Users

4. Click box by User name

5. Click Add




D. Add the User to Appropriate Public Groups

1. Search for Public Groups or go to Users > Public Groups and click Edit by appropriate group label


2. Search for Users

3. Choose user from Available Members list and click Add to move to Selected Members list

4. Click Save



E. Log in as the User and Choose the Propel Application

1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users

2. Log in as the new user:

3a. LIGHTNING - If the customer is using the Lightning user interface, select Propel from the App Chooser. When the user logs in for the first time themselves, the Propel application will already be chosen


3b. CLASSIC - If the customer is using the Classic user interface, choose the Propel application from the application chooser on the right:

Congratulations! The user account is now fully set up

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