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Customer Newsletter Volume 2 - March 16, 2017

Announcing New Modules

We are excited to announce enhanced Product Quality and new Salesforce Pricebook Management capabilities to Propel’s product offering. As a customer, you already have these capabilities.

Quality Management

Propel’s Quality Management capabilities help you improve product quality by creating a complete closed loop from your customers to engineering. Now it’s much easier to collaborate with your suppliers in a robust quality process. Include your supply chain with secure and easy access of the cloud. Watch a short demo here

  • Capture, segment and prioritize issues from customers, partners, service reps, IoT feeds, or cases using Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Track and manage quality issues, including NCMRs, Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCAR), Corrective Action and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and ECOs in a single system
  • Capture a complete audit history across all quality processes and reporting 

Pricebook and Product Change Management for Salesforce

Propel brings change management to Salesforce Quote-to-Cash (Steelbrick CPQ) and Salesforce Sales Cloud by managing changes to pricebooks, product attributes and CPQ fields. Watch a short demo here

  • Improve your product launches by including sales, marketing, and finance in a compliance change process
  • Make changes in Propel and synchronize updates to Salesforce pricebooks and products by redlining fields in Sales Cloud or Steelbrick CPQ
  • Configurable workflows to manage any type of change to pricing, product fields or CPQ fields

Please note that these capabilities are only applicable if you have Salesforce Sales Cloud or Steelbrick CPQ.

We're Listening! New Features

Here are highlights of the top new features in Propel’s Spring ‘17 Release. For full-release details, please see the additional resources below.

Filter BOM Table and Identify Parts that Need to Be Released

Filter the BOM using any column and any BOM view. Locate the components or assemblies that you need to investigate such as evaluating the costs or replacing a part.

Organize Categories in a Hierarchy so It is Easier and Faster to Create Items

Organize item categories into a three-level deep hierarchical structure. This is reflected in the Category field dropdown list. The child categories inherit their parent category’s configurations, which speeds up configuration and setup when creating multiple categories with similar behaviors.

Include your sourcing team into cost visibility and impacts of changes

Get the flexibility to decide on the fly if the cost roll-up should be calculated based on the manufacturer parts or the bill of materials.

Add Colleagues as Followers to Observe and Acknowledge a Change

Use the “Followers” tab on Item, Change, and Quality to determine who receives Chatter feed and Chatter digests about a specific record. Add followers in the right-hand panel.

New Salesforce Platform Features

In addition to Propel’s new features, Salesforce also announced their Spring ‘17 Release. The improvements to the Salesforce Platform enhance the user experience for Propel PLM Suite. You can read the release notes from Salesforce notes/salesforce_release_notes.htm, but here are a couple of our favorites.

Favorites in Lightning

Favorites is a collection of your very own selection of records, list views, reports...etc. Add a specific change record to your Favorites when you are working to release items, so it is always one click away from getting there.

Global Search in Lightning

Limit the search results by object name. To quickly search for an Item, Manufacturer, or a specific type of record, simply type in the object type into the global search box on the top of the page in Lightning to filter out irrelevant records.

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