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Generating XML Files for Integrations: Best Practices

Most integrations between Propel and another system can be accomplished by Propel sending an XML file to the destination system when an Item Revision is released. Middleware, or an "Adapter" picks up the XML file, validates the contents, and imports the data into the system.

There are two ways to turn on the Propel XML export function:

  1. Upon release of a Change Order, which posts the XML file in the Change's Chatter. See Configure XML files on Change.
  2. Upon release of an Item Revision, which posts the XML file in the Item's Chatter. See Configure XML files on Item.

In both cases, the XML file is published to the Chatter feed of the user who performed the release operation. 

To send these files to another destination you must do one of two things:

  1. (Non-Cloud  System) Install the Propel XML Downloader on a Windows machine somewhere in the system environment so these files can be downloaded to a folder on the remote machine and be picked up by the System Adapter. Instructions on how to install the XML Downloader can be found here:
  2. (Cloud System) Utilize web services or another transfer method, such as email, so that the files can be transferred out of Propel and picked up by the Cloud system.


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