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Create Custom BOM Views

As of 2.15, users can create their own custom BOM views. Similar to an object list view, you can give the view a name, specify the fields to display, and specify the order in which to display them. 

Start from any Item's BOM tab.

1. Create New View

From the gear icon menu, select New


2. Name Your View

Give your view a Name, and click Create


3. Select Fields to Display

Use the left/right arrows to move fields into Visible Fields

Use the up/down arrows to order the fields

Click Save



Your new view is the selected view. You can switch between it and other views.


You'll see your new view. You can adjust the column widths, which will be remembered for you.

You can click the "Flatten" checkbox to flatten any view.

For the currently selected custom view, you can rename, modify fields to display, or delete it from the gear icon menu. You can also create more custom views. 


As of our Spring '18 Release, you can also Share the view with other users.


You'll see a shared icon on the view name to know which views are shared.


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