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Manage Custom Fields on a Category

This article will explain in detail how to add or remove existing fields to/from a Category. These fields should have been created already on the appropriate Object. If you haven't created the field yet, please follow the appropriate link to learn how to do so: Add Custom Fields to an ItemAdd Custom Fields to a Change or Quality, Add Custom Fields to a Project.


Add Fields to Category

1. In order to add a field to a Category, you will need to first get the API name for the desired field. In Salesforce Lightning, head to Setup > Object Manager > {desired object}.



2. Then find the field you want to add, and gather it's API name. You might want to jot this down as you will be needing it in a couple of steps.

In Salesforce Lightning, select Fields & Relationships from the sidebar and select the field.



3. Now you will want to go to all Categories by going to the Categories tab.

In Salesforce Lightning, you can get to the Categories by selecting the App Launcher and scrolling down to find the Categories link.



4. Select the desired Category where you want to add the field(s).

5. Then you will add the new field as a field for this Category.

In Salesforce Lightning, move to the Related tab and select the New button in the Fields section. In the modal that appears, enter the API Name you gathered from step 2.


Then you can choose to have this field visible on the header, or exclude from Create New Page. By default, any field you add to a Category will appear on the form when creating a new record.

6. Then go to Propel Setup and select the Refresh page layouts button.


Remove Fields from a Category 

Below are the steps to remove a field from a Category. To be clear, this doesn't actually delete the field from the Object; this process will only remove the field from the Category. If you would like to completely remove the field from Propel, please follow the steps below to remove the field from all Categories it belongs on and follow this link to completely remove the field: Remove Custom Field.

1. To remove a field from a Category, you will want to go to the appropriate Category.

In Salesforce Lightning, select the App Launcher icon and select Categories.


Then select the appropriate Category you want to remove a field from.

2. While in the selected Category, you will want to head to the Fields section and remove the desired field.

In Salesforce Lightning, head to the Related tab, scroll down to the Fields section and find the desired field to delete. For that field, select the carrot to open the options menu on the right-hand side and select the Delete button.



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