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Display Custom Fields on Change's Affected Items Tab

This article will explain in detail how to add/remove custom fields from appearing on the Affected Items tab of a Change/Quality record.

Have category-specific fields appear on your Affected Items tab by creating unique field sets. 

The default Affected Items fields will be under the "Affected_Items" field set for Changes and "Quality_Affected_Items" field set for Quality (both located on Affected Items object). Create category-specific fieldsets and then map to the category using the field set's API name.


A. Create Custom Fields on the Object
B. Create Affected Item Field Sets by Category
C. Map New Field Set to Category


A. Create Custom Fields on the Affected Items Object

For instructions on how to create custom fields, please review the following article: Add Custom Fields

Note: Only fields from the Affected ItemItem Revision, Change, or Quality objects can be included in the field set


B. Create Affected Item Field Sets by Category

This step will need to be done in SalesForce Classic

1. Go to Setup

2. Search Object or select Create > Objects

3. Enter Affected Item object

4. Scroll down to Field Sets, select New

5. Enter Field Set Label (e.g. DCO Affected Items), Field Set Name (should auto-populate), and a description for Where is this used, and then click Save

  • Note: We will use the Field Set Name for mapping


6. Drag the desired fields down into the In the Field Set box 

7. Drag and drop the fields to reorder (Top <--> Bottom equals Left <--> Right)

8. Click Save when you are finished adding in fields



C. Map New Field Set to Category

1. Navigate to Category tab

2. Select the Category you want the new Affected Items field set

3. Click Edit

4. Add your Field Set Name to the AI Fieldset field


5. Click Save

6. Go to Propel Setup 

7. Click Refresh Page Layouts


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