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Propel New Year's '18 Release Notes

Revision: 2.15

Released: 18 January 2018



  • Ability to bulk delete item drafts from an Item list view
    • Go to an item list view (not Recently Viewed), select items using the checkboxes, select the “Delete Drafts” action
  • Ability to sync item to SFDC Product from an Item list view (service hours required)
  • Ability to create a new change order when adding selected items to a change from an Item list view
    • Go to item list view (not Recently Viewed), select items using the checkboxes, select the “Add selected to a change” action, you’ll now have the option to create a new change order or add the items to an existing change
  • BOM tab: Export current view directly to CSV, PDF, or XLSX format, includes redlines on PDF when comparing to another revision
  • BOM tab: Filter support for “NOT” to exclude criteria; for example, Lifecycle Phase “NOT Production”. See KB article BOM Filters for details.
  • Related tab: Ability to configure which related lists are visible by item category
    • First, add the superset of related lists to include on the Related tab in the Item page layout. Then, under Propel Setup > Admin Settings > Items > Configure Tabs on Item by Category, select the category, and click the pencil for the Related tab to selectwhich related lists to display for that category
  • Related tab: Ability to create relationship from either record
    • When you have a look-up field on one object and a related list on item, you can create the relationship from either record
  • Configure which fields display on a related record look-up item picker; for example, select Item based on item number and description
  • Item Compliance tab: Added link to Declaration in addition to Specification
  • Clicking “Done Editing” with unsaved changes allows you to save or discard changes across all tabs


  • Affected Items tab: Made the view redline details (eyeball) more visible
  • Improved the item redline details popup to display a red dot for the tabs with redlines
  • Clicking “Done Editing” with unsaved changes allows you to save or discard changes across all tabs 


For more details about thumbnails, see the KB article Add Thumbnail / Image Field to Items.

  • Ability to configure thumbnail images in
    • BOM table
    • When adding Items to Affected Items table
    • In Item, Quality, and Change Attachments tab


  • Added Activities tab
  • Added History tab


  • Warning for same item on the BOM at the same level multiple times
  • “Include in cost rollup” is true if not mapped, or as specified in file when mapped (True for checked and False for unchecked)

Admin Settings

  • Organized settings into different groupings -- General, Items, Changes, Projects, Training Records, Compliance, and Product Pricing
  • Ability to arrange, hide, and re-order tabs on Changes by category. See KB article Configure Item or Change Tabs by Category.
  • For Items and Changes, ability to apply the same tab configurations to multiple categories
  • Support for category specific BOM fieldsets
    • Create a fieldset for the Assembly object and copy the fieldset API Name. Go to the Category to which you want to apply the fieldset and paste the fieldset API Name into the BOM Fieldset field.

New Capabilities


Multiple Cost Roll-ups

  • Ability to define multiple cost roll-ups. For example, Material Costs and Fixed Costs, or Prototype or Production costs, etc.
    • You control the names of the data rolled-up and where those roll-ups display. Define the picklist values list for Part Cost Types. Create a Item Revision fields for each Cost Type and add the field to the Item Details Tab and Item Header fieldsets. Under Custom Settings, click Manage for Configuration and click Manage for Item Cost Mapping and create a new mapping for each cost type using the API Name for the corresponding Item Revision custom field API Name.
    • You can additionally create formula fields on the rolled-up costs using the Item Revision custom fields. You can push those values to the Part Cost history by creating an unused Part Cost Type picklist value. For example, you might create an Item Revision formula field called Total Cost that is the Material Cost + Fixed Cost. You can define a picklist value for Total Cost and create an Item Cost Mapping for Total Cost and say “Hide from Grid” so it does not display as a column in the BOM table, but the historical values are recorded daily in the Part Cost table.
  • Ability to track historical costs for Item Revision (roll-ups) and Manufacturer Parts
    • Enable Propel Setup > Admin Settings > Items > Calculate Item Revision Costs to launch a daily job that records all the item revision roll-ups for changed values
  • Ability to support different include in cost roll-up selections when the same item is on the BOM multiple times
  • Ability to import multiple cost roll-up data and related custom fields like comments, cost date, lead time, or MOQ

See new KB articles for details.


  • Custom BOM table views: Ability to create your own views - set visible fields, display order, sort order, and column widths. See KB article for Create Custom BOM Views for details.
    • On the BOM tab, under the gear menu, select New and create your own custom BOM view similar to creating a list view
  • Propel Setup -> User Settings: Ability to start in edit mode when Item or Change is editable
  • Ability to sort tables on multiple columns by holding the SHIFT key while clicking subsequent column headers


  • Required picklist always resets to first option on save
  • Default value in picklist not recognized as non-null
  • Unable to create draft when multiple mfr parts have attachments
  • Import: AML import failed to create drafts
  • Import: Include in Cost Roll-up flag now defaults to unchecked if it is not in the import file
  • Ability to bump versions for file attachments on released items
  • Allow users to approve a change without permission to read cost fields
  • Canceled flag is no longer set if the user trying to cancel has insufficient permissions
  • History logs the field that was changed and for pick lists logs the before and after values
  • Dependent picklist on change object no longer generates error: Cannot read property ‘includes’ of undefined
  • Help text displays on Affected Items table column headers when specified in the custom field
  • Increased character limit for “Send Feedback” page -- send us your feedback, issues and ideas for enhancements


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