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Propel Spring '17 Release Notes

New Capabilities

Quality - Track all product quality issues including Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCAR) and Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA)

  • A new Quality tab is available to be added in the tab header or Lightning Experience launcher
  • Affected Item object has a new field set for the Quality records
  • Added a new flag on the Item header that indicates if the item is on an open quality issue
  • Added an ability to clone quality issues
  • When publishing an item with unreleased parts on the BOM, there is now an option to add all unreleased parts on the same change order

Pricebook Change Management - Place Salesforce Products and Pricebooks under change control

  • Propel Setup has an option to automatically create Propel Items from Product and Pricebook records. Products are placed on the Pricebook Entries BOM and pricelines entries data is managed on the BOM.
  • Publishing an Item will update the linked Product record



  • Filter any column on the BOM by clicking the "Toggle Filter" button to show this feature
  • Top Where Used section - Find all Top level parents that use the item in the right-hand sidebar. Please note that the top parents are not stored for reporting purposes until a scheduled job is run. To enable a default job, go to the Propel Setup tab and toggle the "Calculate Top Where Used" setting. To use a custom schedule, set up a new scheduled job to run the Apex Class "AssemblyBatch".
  • Import header mappings can be cleared by Ctrl+Click or ⌘+Click. This can help reset incorrect saved header maps.
  • A warning message will show on the preview screen if manufacturer part costs change
  • Import ignores the casing of category names
  • Users can view the Item's Category hierarchy when creating an Item
  • Add Manufacturer Item fields (AML tab) to Manufacturer Part views
  • Integration with Google docs. Attach a Google drive URL to an Item. The file needs the permission "Anyone with the link can view".
  • Improved Import tool validations. More errors will be reported on the preview screen instead of encountering them during the final import screen.
  • Item headers can be customized by category
  • Search results when adding Items to the BOM now shows AML information
  • Added option to use AML cost, BOM cost or sum of BOM and AML cost for cost rollup
  • Removed "Name" from the Manufacturer Item related list on the Manufacturer Part page layout
  • Calculate Item Revision costs from the Propel Setup page
  • Item attachments can be edited if Item is in draft mode
  • Set Item page default tab by user profile on Propel Setup page


  • Warning will be displayed if a Change record (ECO) is promoted without any affected items
  • You can now have up to 20 approvers on a Change
  • New Change phase type, Cancel, is available. This phase type can be used to cancel a change when there is no resolution and no intent to move forward. All activities and collaboration collected on the change record are maintained for historical review.
  • Add unreleased BOM components to Change Order when publishing an Item
  • See who downloaded Change attachments; tracked on the History tab in the right-hand panel 
  • Add Followers to Changes and Items in the right-hand panel
  • Updated name of Phase Transition from Requires Change Analyst to Allow Phase Transition Group to simplify phase fields
  • Added history tracking to Changes and Quality for Status, Title, and Description
  • Approvers are automatically added as followers on Changes


  • Parent activities are automatically completed when all of its sub-activities are completed
  • Parent activities' durations are updated as the start and due dates of their child activities change
  • Create Custom Activity types
  • Users can be added as team members (followers) of a project
  • Activities can now be reordered in the Timeline view and their relative order will be preserved
  • Approval Notifications in Salesforce Lightning now direct you to the ECO


  • Support for localization using translation workbench and respect user locale
  • Category page layout is better organized 
  • Using Salesforce Technology we will be pushing releases for critical bugs


  • Item and Change page now open in view mode rather than edit mode
  • BOM level lines align correctly in the default view
  • Correctly calculate cost-rollup when the same part was used on different levels of the BOM
  • Fixed issues that prevented bulk removals of items from BOMs
  • Export Attachments works correctly and sends an email with the correct file link
  • Validation of BOM item's lifecycle phases now checks against the latest released revision
  • Uploading Thumbnails to Items works correctly
  • Various fixes for Project Planning Timeline and Board views
  • Project cloning issues fixed
  • Import:
    • AML only import will not create new items
    • Mapping the Category field is no longer required for items that already exist
    • Increased the number of file attachments able to be linked at one time
    • Fixed issue preventing import when a BOM has the same part used in multiple subassemblies
    • Will not create a duplicate AML record if the existing one was created manually


Known Issues

  • Import preview screen is incorrectly reporting "duplicate manufacturer part" message
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