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Display Account (Manufacturer) Custom Field on Manufacturer Part

You may have a custom Account field (Manufacturer field) that you want to display on a Manufacturer Part. For example, you might want to create a custom Account field called "Capabilities" in which you list the services and capabilities that a particular contract manufacturer provides. You may want to display that field on each Manufacturer Part record supplied by that manufacturer for the convenience of the person looking at the record. This is easily accomplished with a formula field on the Manufacturer Part object.

1. Create a custom Account field (Setup, Customize, Accounts). For the purposes of this article, assume the field is a Text Area field called "Capabilities".

2. Go to the Manufacturer Part object (Create, Objects, Manufacturer Parts).

3. Go to the Custom Fields section.

4. Create a new Formula field. Specify a Field Label (name of field). Choose the appropriate return type, such as Text:

5. Click Next.

6. Now you need to build a formula that displays information for the Account record listed in either the Manufacturer or Distributor field. This example uses the Manufacturer field. Click on the Advanced Formula tab.


7. Select the field like this:

8. Click Insert to add the field to the formula. The resulting formula should look like this:

9. Click Next, Next to finish creating the field.

10. You should still be on the Manufacturer Part object. Edit the Page Layout.

11. Add the new field to the Page Layout. Save.

12. Open an individual Manufacturer Part and confirm that the new information is present.


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