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Display Custom Fields on Item BOM Tab

Sometimes you'd like your BOM tab to display one the custom fields you've already created. Fields from Item Details, BOM, Mfr. Part, and Mfr. Assembly (AML) can be added to the BOM tab. This article outlines how to pull in that custom field information to an Item's BOM tab. 



A. Create Assembly Formula Field
B. Add Field to Field Sets
C. Add the Field to at Least two Permission Sets
D. Refresh the Page Layouts (Clear Cache)


A. Create Assembly Formula Field

The data you want might live on a different object (Item Revision), so you will need to construct a formula to pull that data in. If the field you want to display already exists, you can move to the next section: Add Field to Field Sets.


1. Go to SetupObject ManagerAssembly

2. Go to Fields & Relationships and then select the New button

3. Select Formula as the Data Type

4. Enter a name in Field Label, select Text, and click Next

5. Click Advanced Formula tab, Insert Field button to find the field you want to pull in (i.e. Unit of Measure) and click Insert

6. As the example field we are gathering data from is a Picklist field, we will need to use the Text() method to display the picklist value in readable text. After that click Next

9. Click Next and Save


B. Add Field to Field Sets


1. Go to SetupObject ManagerAssemblyField Sets

2. Click Edit next to the desired field set:

  • Default BOM View - add Item details and assembly fields to default BOM View
  • AML in BOM View - refers to the "With Manufacturers" view
  • Export  - sets which BOM/Assembly fields will appear during an export
  • Where Used - sets BOM/Assembly fields to appear on the Where Used Tab
  • Where Used Top - sets BOM/Assembly fields to appear on Top Parent Where Used Tab

3. If you are adding a custom field from the Item Revision, you should be able to find this field on the Fixed Child Revision list (illustrated below). Then position your field in the Field Set list (Top <--> Bottom refers to Left <--> Right)




4. Click Save


C. Add the Field to at Least two Permission Sets

You can see all fields in Propel because you’re a system administrator. But your users can’t see new custom fields you create until you add the fields to a permission set. To add custom fields to a permission set, please follow the instructions listed out in this article: Add Custom Fields to Permission Sets.


D. Refresh Page Layouts (Clear Cache)

1. Go to Propel Setup. In Salesforce Lightning, you can find Propel Setup as one of the tabs in the Header or by selecting the App Launcher and finding Propel Setup.

2. Click the Refresh Page Layouts button.



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