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Display Custom Fields on the BOM Tab

Sometimes you'd like your BOM tab to display one of a custom field you've already created. This article outlines how to pull in that custom field information to an Item's BOM tab. 


A. Create Assembly Formula Field

B. Add New Field to Field Set


A. Create Assembly Formula Field

1. Go to Setup

2. Search for Objects or go to Create > Objects

3. Enter Assembly object

4. Go to Custom Fields and Relationships and click New

5. Select Formula for Data Type

6. Enter name in Field Label, select Text, and click Next

7. Click Advanced Formula tab, Insert Field button to find the field you want to pull in (i.e. Unit of Measure) and click Insert

8. Use Text() function to display picklist value in readable text and click Next

9. Click Next and Save


B. Add New Field to Field Set

1. While still in the Assembly object, go to Field Sets

2. Click Edit next to AML in BOM View and/or Default BOM View

  • AML in BOM View refers to the "With Manufacturers" View

3. Position your new field on the Field Set list (Top <--> Bottom refers to Left <--> Right)

4. Click Save

5. Go to Propel Setup tab and click Refresh Page Layouts


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