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Install Propel XML Downloader

Install Propel XML Downloader for ERP Integrations

The Propel XML Downloader is a Windows client application that downloads an XML file each time a Propel Change Order is released. These XML files are commonly used for ERP integrations.


1. You must configure Propel to generate XML files before installing this Windows client application.

2. You must install this application on a Windows machine.

3. You must have a Salesforce user account under which this application can run. This must be a permanent account, and the password must be permanent. If the password for the account changes you will have to change the password and security token in the Windows application also.

Part A. Download and Unzip Propel Archive

On a Windows machine, make a folder called C:\PropelXMLDownloader (or similar name).

Download file and put in the folder above. The file is attached to this article (scroll to the bottom).

Unzip the file to the folder above.

Make a sub-folder of PropelXMLDownloader called output_files.

Your folder structure should look like this: C:\PropelXMLDownloader\output_files

Part B. Download node.js

Go to this URL:

Download Node.js. Choose the latest recommended version.

The downloaded file has a name similar to this: node-v6.9.4-x64.msi

Double-click on the file to run the installer.

Install the application in a folder of your choice.

Confirm that Node.js is installed correctly. To do this, go to a Command Prompt. Type this command:

node  --version

This command should work from any folder location; the Node.js installer should have added the installation folder to your system path.

Part C. Run the XML Downloader Installation Program

From the Command Prompt, go to the folder where you downloaded and unzipped the Propel XML Downloader. For example:

cd  \PropelXMLDownloader

Type this command:

npm  install

Confirm that the installation completes with no errors. (You may see one warning, which is OK: “No repository field”)

Part D. Configure the XML Downloader

In Salesforce, generate a new security token for the user account that will be used to programmatically login to Salesforce and download XML file. To do this:

At the top navigation bar go to your name > Setup > Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.

Copy the security token and paste it into a temporary file. You will use it later.

Edit the file config.js with a text editor. Update this information:

  • Your username, or the username that will run the download
  • The user’s password + the security token you generated earlier, with no spaces in-between
  • The login URL for Salesforce
  • The output file folder that you created earlier
  • The namespace prefix; normally PDLM__


      module.exports = {

      username : '',

      password : 'mysupersecretpassword4enWh2zWFe9EgeNGQp9ttP8ZK', //must include password+token

      loginUrl : '',

      rootFolder : './output_files', //folder name (using it now as a relative path from where script runs)

      prefix : 'PDLM__',

      contentDownloadLog : './download.log' // name of file to record downloads in

Part D. Run the Propel XML Downloader

From the Command Prompt, make sure that you are at this folder:


Type this command:

                node index.js

This command queries for new XML files and downloads any new files it finds.

Part E. Scheduling the XML Downloader

Create a Windows Scheduled Task to run the command node index.js on an interval of every 10 minutes, or another interval chosen by your organization. The following are detailed instructions for those unfamiliar with the Windows Schedule Service:

Go to Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Schedule tasks.

Go to the Action menu and choose Create Basic Task.

Name: Download Propel XML Files


When do you want the task to start? Daily


Start: (accept the current date/time)

Recur every: 1 days


What action do you want the task to perform? Start a program


Program/Script: node

Add arguments: index.js

Start in: C:\PropelXMLDownloader


Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish: (check this box)


Go to the Triggers tab.

Highlight the trigger and choose Edit.

Repeat task every (check this box)

Choose 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or whatever interval is appropriate.

For a duration of: (Indefinitely)

(OK, OK)

Wait for the task to run automatically. Confirm that it completes successfully.


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