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Propel Winter '18 Release Notes

Propel Winter ‘18 Release Notes



  • Share Items with a group of users
  • When an item or change is shared email and chatter notifications will be sent to the user
  • Auto-populate Item thumbnail image onto an Aspose generated document
  • Item tabs can be reordered by category. For example, move Where Used tab from the right pane to the main pane
  • Validate reference designator/quantity mismatch when importing Items
  • Lookup field to Item shows both Item Number and Description
  • Download and navigate to Google files from the Item’s Attachment table
  • Indicate if Item is a Draft or on a Change on the Where Used tab
  • Add complete Item Details information for every component on a BOM to XML export
  • Option to include never before released child components on a Change
  • "Search for Existing" is the default tab on Add New Mfr Part module on Item
  • Configuration available to control the number of decimal places for the cost rollup field
  • "Lifecycle Phase" field added to Item's "To Publish" modal
  • Field that shows if an Item’s top Where Used is latest released revision or draft revision
  • Propel’s VisualForce pages are displayed in Salesforce Community
  • Attachment file names can have more than 80 characters
  • "Bulk Change" action is available by default in the managed package
  • Feedback icons for Item, Change, Quality, and Project pages
  • Image thumbnails are scaled and cropped in BOM table view
  • Improved download message for large files, "File download processing. Please monitor your Email or Chatter feed or contact your administrator."

Item BOM

  • Create new Items when adding items to a BOM
  • View the child part’s revision at the time it’s parent revision was active when viewing prior item revisions (As-of BOM)
  • Switch between BOM views while in edit mode
  • Edit Manufacturer Part information on the BOM table
  • Copy data from a BOM or affected items table with or without the header; CTRL + X: Copy with Headers and CTRL + C: Copy without Headers
  • Enforce uniqueness on Find Numbers on BOM for one level
  • Sort by multiple columns on the BOM
  • Reordered BOM Views to Default View, With Manufacturers, Flattened, Flattened with Manufacturers

 Item Import

  • Import BOM and AML information using new Add and Update option
  • Change the Import warning interface so the area isn’t clickable and the links are clickable
  • Warn users when an item has a draft revision on a change
  • Increase the maximum number of items that can be imported to 900
  • Import: Null quantities are defaulted to 1


  • Display hover-over for "has BOM" and "has Draft" icons when adding items and reviewing affected items on a Change
  • Lookup field to Change/Quality shows both Number and Title
  • Can expand Approval History by clicking on the text and the arrow
  • Show both date and time on the approval History
  • Expand Item, Change, and Quality Detail Sections by clicking on the Section Text
  • Create a relationship between records when cloning a change from a quality record
  • When adding an item to a change, there is an option to add all BOM items that have never been published before
  • Warn user when an item is being released in initial phase or whatever the born in phase is
  • Control who can edit the Change related tab
  • "Add UnReleased Children" button has been added to the Error Message to easily resolve the error
  • New option to send notifications to "Approvers from All Phases" in phase notifications
  • Tabs have message to explain if they are editable in the current phase, just like on the Item tabs
  • Ability to use the Change Phase to define who can edit affected item's item record
  • Carriage returns available in phase notification email templates
  • Define who can delete a Changes and Quality record at specific phase with “Delete Allowed Group”
  • “Created Date” is displayed next to the "Created By" field for Items, Changes, and Quality


  • View Project activities in a “List View”
  • Change the order of tasks in the new List View
  • Expand/collapse all subprojects and activities on list view
  • Allow negative Buffer days for activities
  • Allow user to create & edit dependencies on activity modal
  • Open Activities' drilldown modal on Quality/Change/Item page
  • Validation rules for activity dates to prevent mistakes
  • “Remove dependency “ button added to Activity modal
  • Default Timeline sorting from the earliest Start Date to the latest Start Date
  • Open Activity drilldown modal when double clicking it on all views
  • Update and reschedule sub-projects and activities when rescheduling a project
  • Have an option of Auto Schedule / Manual Schedule for Activity's Dependency Mode
  • New Baseline dates to Compare Current Project Status to its Planned Timeline
  • "Create New" activity button on project will automatically link activity to parent project
  • View the labels/tags on the Activity's drilldown modal
  • Automatically close a project if all of its open activities/sub projects are deleted
  • Filter out cards on the Board that are Done on the "by Assignee" view

New Capabilities

Training Records

  • Keep historical records for all assigned trainings
  • Create training assignments with due dates for selected trainees when a new document revision is published
  • Create re-training assignments on a schedule - every 12 months
  • Remind trainees when a training is overdue
  • Decide if training is required when a new document revision is created
  • Track when trainees download documents and require electronic sign-off
  • Trainers and managers can sign-off for trainees
  • Create Training Plans to organize, track, and manage the creation of training assignments for trainees when a document is revised
  • Set the default number of days a training is due after it’s assigned in the Training Plans
  • Duplicate assignments will be closed when a user signs off one one of the training documents assigned
  • Control whether trainings should be assigned for each new Item Revision with a training required checkbox
  • The status of open training assignments on old revisions will be marked superseded if a new Item revision is published
  • Admin can require signature when trainee signs off on an assignment
  • Notify Supervisor when assignment is complete
  • Notify trainees and managers when a new training is assigned
  • Trainees are notified when a new training assignment is made and when they are overdue
  • Record date and time an assignment file was downloaded by a trainee
  • Instructor/Manager can sign-off for trainees who don’t have access to Propel
  • Revise training due date after it is set automatically due to special circumstances
  • Trainers and managers can create ad hoc training assignments
  • Supervisor sign-off in email templates shows who signed off for whom and dates


  • Track compliance status to any specification on an Item or Mfr. Part
  • Roll-up compliance statuses on BOM to determine the compliance status of a parent using worst case logic
  • Roll-up worst case status to an Item with multiple Mfr. Parts
  • Declare compliance status on a parent part to override the roll-up
  • Apply specifications to Item Categories for easy administration
  • Declare compliance status through Declaration process
  • Allows new compliance statuses to be reviewed before they become active
  • Can set status for all parts made by the same manufacturer
  • Keeps a record of status updates
  • Apply specific exemption to specifications
  • New action on item to trigger compliance rollup on demand
  • New Compliance Tab on Item and mfr part


  • Auto advance Change Phase will auto submit correctly to the next phase
  • “Has Attachments” Flag on Affected Items table is set correctly and only displays when there is an attachment
  • Description column width in Affected Items tab in Changes is sized correctly
  • "Has Parent" flag for Items is setting correctly when assemblies are deleted
  • Item Revision “Has Attachments” flag is setting correctly when adding Mfr Part with attachment
  • Cloning an item with a parent will not set the “Has Parent” flag to true for the cloned item
  • Improved import error messages to provide more detailed information
  • Most recent released revision was added back to the To Publish modal on Item
  • Prevent the creation of a circular BOM
  • Import: fixed incorrect duplicate description error when line below has empty item number
  • Fixed sorting BOM table by Find Number
  • Import: Frontend duplicate description validation blocks import even if AML is unique
  • Parent change phase is no longer incorrectly setting to completed when shadow phase has 0 approvers
  • When un-releasing an ECO, lifecycle chevrons are set to gray rather than green
  • Import page help pop-up is no longer cut off in Lightning
  • Minimum height maintained for Affected Item drilldown modal for better UI experience
  • Checkmark added by all Approver names in First Response
  • Item removed from BOM in Bulk Change now recalculate Parent's Has BOM correctly
  • XML files are created and posted to Chatter
  • Quality fields "Created By" and "Created Date" are on Details tab
  • Assembly formula fields no longer show null values in XML output files

Known Issue

  • Firefox and Safari browsers in Lightning - Unable to export current view to CSV on BOM tab 




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