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Customer Newsletter Volume 3 - July 6, 2017

New and Improved

Propel’s Summer Release includes key change management capabilities that give change process owners more flexibility and improve productivity.

Quality Management

Improvements to Change Management and Approval Process

Here are the powerful features we have added to change management and approvals that give admins more options to define processes.

  • Dynamic Approver Assignment: Create an intelligent approval process that automatically assigns approvers based on the values your users enter into the fields.
  • Phase-based field edit: Define which fields users can view and/or edit records in a specific status to have a better collaboration setup for the partners accessing a record that contains sensitive data.
  • Phase-based notification: Automatically trigger notifications to specific users when the change enters a phase. This helps your colleagues stay on top of their to-dos and the updated information.
  • Unanimous and first response approval settings: Increase productivity by involving multiple teams in the approval process. Add multiple approver groups to the same approval phase and define unanimous and first response approval settings for each group.
  • Review and Approve on Mobile Device: To prevent delays for the product releases, remind your approvers to use the Salesforce1 mobile app to review and approve change orders on the go. 

Collaborate Using New Exporting Features and Microsoft OneDrive or GoogleDrive Document Integration

We added functionality for exporting BOMs and attachments to help you collaborate with Partners.

  • Export current BOM view: Export the view, columns, and filters exactly as you see them on the screen into a CSV file.
  • Export all BOM attachments into a package: Share all drawings from the assembly with colleagues and outside partners.
  • Collaborative Document Editing by integrating with Microsoft and Google Drive: Access files in SFDC directly and add them as attachments to Item, Change, or Quality records. (service hours required)

Here are a few other new capabilities we are excited to share

Search for multiple items on BOM or Change

We all wish our data was clean and organized, but sometimes you just need to view a few categories to find the right part to add to your BOM. Use the new multi-search feature to see one list of results using multiple keywords and add items to a BOM or add multiple affected items to a Change.

Auto-generate Revisions

You can now define a series of Item revision names on the lifecycle phase so your users know the proper order and naming conventions. When a new revision is pulled users will know it supposed to be “B” in the prototype phase and “5” in the pre-production phase.

Add related changes and related qualities

Easily link multiple quality records to multiple changes to consolidate all relevant issues that are resolved in the same change order.

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