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Import Item Attachments (Files)

NOTE: Before you import files with the Propel Import tool, you must upload the files to the "Files" area in Salesforce.

For Salesforce classic, follow steps 1-4. For Salesforce lightning, go to the App menu and click Files under All Items, and click the Upload Files button.

1. At the top-right of the screen, click on the plus sign and then click Customize My Tabs.


2. Add the Files tab.

3. Click on the Files tab.

4. Drag and drop all files you intend to load into this area:

5. Create an Excel file with Propel File Attachment Import Template.xlsx (see attached document at the end of this article).
6. When you're ready to import, go to Propel Setup.
7. Select Go to Import Page

8. Select Attachments. Un-select the option Match item descriptions. Click Next.

9. Click to upload Excel file previously created.

10. Drag Attachment Fields to correct filed mapping to Map Headers and click Next.


11. Review Data and click Next.

12. Select Import More Data or Go to Items.

 You should now see your files attached to Propel items.


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